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SNJ Computers Retainer Terms & Conditions

Retainer Cost Tiers

10 hours per month = $90/per hour ( $900/month )
15 hours per month = $85/per hour ( $1275/month )
20 hours per month = $80/per hour ( $1600/month )
25 hours per month = $75/per hour ( $1875/month )
30 hours per month = $70/per hour ( $2100/month )

Hours Management

SNJ Computers will make every attempt to provide you with the hours aggreed upon, but cannot be held resposible should the work not be provided to us to fill the hours and no prorating will be done for the hours not provided.

Billing And Payment

All retainers are prepaid in advance for the following period ( week, 2 weeks, or month )
All invoices for retainer payments are sent out 7 days before they are due.
Payments may be submitted either by check or using paypal/cc.

Late Payments

Retainer payments are late as of 7 days after the invoice is sent and will incur a late payment fee of %5 of the retainer fee for the period.